Gold Rush!! City of Gold by Wolf Koenig& by Colin Low, National Film Board of Canada


October Crisis Action: The October Crisis of 1970 by Robin Spry, National Film Board of Canada

SS 11 Chapter 6 and 7 Review

A More Independent International Policy 228-237 Economic Challenges 223-227 Toward Social Change 206-214 The Cold War and Post pg 190-201 Chapter Six pg 170 -175 – Changing Face of Canadian Culture New Times 180-183 SS 11 Chapter 6 and 7 Review

SS 10 Chapter 5 Prezi links

SS 10: Chapter 5 Possible Long Answer Questions

1. Describe the Northwest Rebellion in detail. Who were the important people in the conflict? What were the causes and effects? 2. Describe the traditions and events associated with the Native Peoples of the Northwest in the 1800s. What tribes were present. What effect did…

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