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33100376-BC-Socials-11-Provincial-Study-Guide 33303014-Social-Studies-11-Provincial-Essay-Preparation-History These notes, quizzes and games should be helpful when studying for the exam.

SS 10 Long Answer Question possibilities

1,  How did the immigration policy change during Laurier’s time?  In your answer define open and closed door policies.  Be sure to describe immigrants from specific countries. 2..In as much detail as possible describe the human rights issues of the times. 3.  Describe the Nisga’a…

SS 10 Exam Review

Chapter Seven Exam Review Questions   Railways to Everywhere and the Rise of Unions   The Laurier Boom   The Komagata Maru   SS 10 Chapter 7 jeopardy

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I will be having final exam reviews for any students that wish it on: Thursday, Jan 8th Friday, Jan 9th Thursday, Jan 15th Friday, Jan 16th I will be going over some broad topics and specific questions that may be on your Provincial Exam.  Feel…