Research Paper Criteria

Your paper should be between 1000 – 1500 words. It should strictly follow MLA format. It should contain at least 5 references including at least one Primary Source and at least one peer reviewed article. Make sure that your paper sets out to answer your…

Socials 10 Chapter 4 long answer questions possibilities….

1. Compare and Contrast the NWC and the HBC. What role did they play in the development of the Northwest? 2. Was Louis Riel a ‘hero’ or a ‘vilain’? Support your argument with historical facts and events. Klondike Gold Rush- Part 2: The Discoveries 3….

History 12 Prezi Rubric

Below is the rubric that I will be using to mark your presentations. Two Categories (Content and Multimedia) will be marked out of 8 and the remaining Categories will be marked out 4 for a total of 36 marks Prezi_Rubric I have copies of the…

Harsajjan’s Fiesta Karaoke Cafe

Our Menu as of now: Entrées: Quesadillas and Tacos Sides: Nachos Deserts: Cream Puffs Drinks: coke, fruit punch, and water Date??????