History 12 Unit Two Exam

A Reminder of Topics to review for exam:

Compare the basic features of

  • fascism
  • communism
  • democracy

Describe circumstances that led to the rise of the fascists in Italy, including

  • social and economic turmoil
  • Mussolini’s actions and policies

Explain the rise to power of Hitler and National Socialism in Germany, with reference to

  • conditions that generated support for Nazism
  • Hitler’s actions and policies

Evaluate ways in which Lenin and Stalin transformed the USSR, with reference to

  • the Russian revolutions
  • the Russian Civil War
  • the New Economic Policy
  • “socialism in one country”

Describe the process which led to the end of colonialism in India

Describe social, economic, and political developments in the United States in the 1920s, including

  • prohibition; the changing role of women
  • urbanization, mass production, and consumerism