Harsajjan’s Fiesta

Harsajjan’s Fiesta Group Assignment


Menu Team:

Task: create a menu complete with imagery and prices that can be distributed around he school.

Graphic Design Team:

Task:  Create posters/flyers that can be displayed around the school.  Make sure to add all pertinent information (date, time, location, cause, theme……)


Public Address team:

Task:  Create and present morning announcement on the day of the Fiesta.  The morning announcement should be in the style of a radio advertisement for the Fiesta.  As well, create an advertisement that can be posted on the school tv screens.


Philanthropic Team

Task:  Find us a cause to donate a portion of the money to.  I suggest 50 percent for a worthy cause and 50 percent towards class Boston Movie field trip.


Management Team

Task: Make sure all people are organised and run the actual event