Parliament Trip: Teachable moments


Dasmesh Punjab School May 14_4715 copy


Discussion Questions

1.  What part of the Kipling poem did Principal Perry quote when discussing his former student?


2.  What was Principal Perry trying to convey about Finance Minister de Jong by using this quote?

3. What were Tripat’s and Avneet’s questions for Minister de Jong?

4.  What were his answers?

5.  What right Canadians enjoy did we witness as we departed the Parliament?


2 dojo point challenge question:

List as many facts  (correctly) about our British Columbia tour.  Group with the most correct facts wins.


1 Dojo point question

What ceremony is depicted in the picture above?  HINT: It was outlined by our very animated tour guide.

Paragraph Question

How did your understanding of government, politics and politicians change/grow during your trip?