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Find three images that are historically relevant to a specific aspect of the Great Depression.  Explain in detail the significance of the images that you have chosen.



The Dust Bowl


The Dust Bowl is he name that was given to a large portion of America’s agricultural areas during droughts that occurred during the Great Depression.  With America’s economy already reeling droughts and dust storms added enormous hardship to the population of the affected regions as well as preventing agriculture production.  Though isolated to a specific part of the nation the dust bowl has come to represent the struggles of all Americans during the Great Depression.

This image shows the large portion of the country that was affected by the storms.  The damage spread to a large portion of America’s prairies which explains the significant loss of crops from America’s bread basket at a time when it could be least afforded.

This picture illustrates the impact the dust bowl had on day to day life of many Americans in the 30s.  This image is taken form the following website:

This site concludes that the dust bowl was marginally caused and/or affected by human activity at the time while citing the need for further research on the matter.  It would be interesting to see if human action has caused any similar calamities today.

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