Stay hungry, stay foolish

Kickstarter Make-up Assignment

Read the following blog: Create a kickstarter account and a project proposal for your own small business. Carefully go though the kickstarter handbook below and include the following on your proposal: Project Page with video Your Story Rewards Make a your business…

Planning make-up Assignments

Small Assignment Find a Ted Talk (that we have not watched in class) that relates to a topic covered in Planning.  Write a summary and explain how the talk is related to the course.    

Socials 10 Make up Assignments

Large Assignment Make – Up Create a multimedia Prezi that outlines the controversial Aryan Invasion Theory. What evidence is used to prove and discredit this theory? How does facts in this case change who Punjabis are thought to be descendant from? Here are some sites on…

Expenses Reality Check

Complete the following pdf file pertaining to your expenses.  Use the guideline costs to estimate your expenses. lifestyle reality check Write a paragraph about your future expenses.  Does your future lifestyle fit into income of your anticipated profession?  What changes are you willing to make to…

Investopedia Assignment

By tomorrow’s Planning class purchase stock from at least two different companies. Hand in reasoning behind the purchase of the two stocks. Things to think about: 1.  Size and reliability of company. 2.  Reasons you think company will go up in the future

Vice: The Islamic State

Pre watching video questions: Using the internet, define the following terms. (remember to use check-list to measure the credibility of the site in which you take your information) infidel apostate sharia law caliph caliphate martyrdom jihad Post video questions: 1.  What parallels can be drawn…

Chapter Six: British Columbia to 1896 Movie Maker Project

RAP BATTLE RAP BATTLE RAP BATTLE RAP BATTLE RAP BATTLE RAP BATTLE RAP BATTLE Tripat, Simran Dhaliwal, Karmvir, and Arshveer Jaspreet Sahota, Jaspreet Bansal, and Harjot Tanveen, Simran, Himmat. Amritpal Baldeep, Harshleen, Gurgean