Socials 9 Chapter 2 Review Activities

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

1. Why did the republican experiment fail in England? Give reasons for your answer.

2. “Without the English Civil War, democracy would have never developed.” Make a case for or against this statement. Give evidence to support your case.

3.  Make an organizer to compare government under a republic (the commonwealth), an absolute monarchy, and a constitutional monarchy.  Use the following headings: the ruler, the role of law, and the rights of the people.



4.  Watch the video above and read the article linked below:

Why do you think this speech has gone viral around the world?  Summarize the views of the speaker on the impact of British Colonization on India?

5.  What are reparations?

6.  What evidence of British colonization is still noticeable in Canada?  Provide at least three examples.


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Due Monday September 28th