Dr. Sanjay Gupta documentary activity


  1.  In the documentary how, specifically, was cannabis and cannabis users stigmatized?rmadness6



2.  What ‘myths’ about cannabis do you think you have been taught about cannabis in your lifetime? Why do think these untruths have been taught?



3.  What part of the documentary was specifically relevant to the health of cannabis users your age?




4.  What health issue from smoking cannabis were not talked about in the documentary?



5.  Why do you think that the more powerful drugs that were prescribed to the patients in the documentary are prescribed by doctors.


6.  Do you think recreational ‘pot’ advocates help or hurt medical marijuana research and usage? How so?


7.  In a paragraph answer write a review on the Dr. Sanjay Gupta documentary ‘Weed’.  What did you learn?  What surprised you?  What do agree/disagree with you.