Colonialism and Conflict Introduction Activity

In your groups brainstorm the reasons to travel to unknown places.story_of_exploration

Should humans travel to other planets if it becomes feasible? If so, for what reasons? Would your opinion change if you found out that intelligent life was already living there?  What could be the advantages and disadvantages of contact?

In the movie “The Martian” why do you think they are exploring Mars?

Counterfactual Activity

In your table groups write a counterfactual history of Canada that would have occurred if Europeans never colonized North America.  What is life like in what we call Canada?  Who lives here.  What is the government like?  What is day to day life like?

Your Counterfactual Canada Activity should be between 1-2 pages and provide historical reasons for the changes that occurred because Europeans never colonized North America.  Or you could produce a short video like the counterfactual history video below:


“Evans’ explanation for the imaginative turn to counterfactualism since 1990 is that several social, political and cultural changes came together. First, the great ideologies such as fascism, communism, socialism, Marxism and other doctrines that had dominated Western thought for so long, turned out to be fallacious, or as Evans puts it, “theisms all became wasms”. Therewith, the old reliable teleologies vanished “and history became open-ended, freeing up a space for speculation about the courses it might have taken”. At the same time, postmodernism emphasised the subjectivity of the historian, which in turn partly undermined or threatened to date the scientific search for objectivity.”

The excerpt above was taken from: