10-2 Secret Santa

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Chapter 4 Exam possible long answer questions….

 Was the Red River Rebellion inevitable?  Use supporting facts for each group to justify your answer. 2.  Compare and Contrast the policies of the NWC and the HBC.  How did they impact the development of Canada? 3.  How did the fur trade impact the Native…

Extremist Attacks in France

    Define the following terms: minority: secular: extremist: Islamophobia: radicalization: Multiculturalism: assimilation: 1. What is the man in the red jacket suggesting they do about the problem of Islamic Extremist violence?   2. Why does this seem to upset the other man that he…

Planning 10 Large Make Up Assignment

Explore and define the concept of Wellness.  Use the following criteria to develop your concept of wellness. A Wellness Expo1 You may work in pairrs for this assignment

Respecting and Looking After Yourself

One of Meaghan Ramsey’s six core concepts for learning about healthy body image is, “respecting and looking after yourself”. Spend the hour trying to find three quotes that help you understand what respecting and looking after yourself means to you. For each quote create a…