Rationale for the look of MrNagrasClass site (#3 example)

The reason I chose the template for the class site is its ease of use.  It is easy for students to find the latest posts that outline assignments and provide feedback.  As well students can quickly and easily find reference materials on their class page.  It is also easy to find out when assignments are due by going to the important dates page and finding their class on the google calendar.   I chose the lone banner image for a myriad of reasons.  First it displays architecture from all over the world.  From Paris and London of modern times to the ancient Parthenon to the spectacular Taj Mahal the image conveys varied times and places throughout history.  In the Social Studies courses I teach we will visit (through study of video and text) many of the places and periods displayed.  I also think the sky and water blue colours look nice and the reflection is pretty sweet.