SS 9 Perspectives assignment

defend a position on a controversial issue after considering a variety of perspectives

Define the three bold words at the top of your next blog post (this is an individual assignment)

After you have completed your definitions follow the steps below:

Google search the exact phrases below:

  • iran hostage crisis site:.IR
  • iran hostage crisis
  • iran hostage crisis

These searches will allow you to search the same event from different countries perspectives. Find a site that interests you from each search.  Summarize the perspective on the Iran hostage crisis from each site. (1 site per search )

Write a paragraph citing with site you find the most credible.  Explain why.  Bonus marks for incorporating information from the site into your paragraph without plagiarizing.  

As always try to bring your posts to life with multimedia embeds.

Good luck!

Any questions send an email to: