If you have not please create an Investopedia account and join our game.

Class Commitment:

Manny if the ENTIRE CLASS is signed up by Monday your receive 5 dojo points for class commitment.

Akashdeep If the worksheet below is completed  MISTAKE FREE before the end of class you receive 5 dojo point for classroom commitment.  The entire class can work on it together.  If it is excellently done the entire class will get plus 3

Kulvir if every chair is stacked and you have posted 3 interesting facts that you found on the investopedia site you will receive plus 5 for classroom commitment.

Avneet if post a paragraph on your site outlining the perils of ‘playing’ the stock market you will receive 5 points for classroom commitment.

If any student posts a link or embeds a video or documentary on their site about finance that I deem worth viewing in class you will receive plus 3 for excellent work.

You can do this!!!

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Nagra