Move Your Body, Grow Your Brain

Donna Wilson and Marcus Conyers, brain-based teaching program developers and authors, suggest that exercise has physiological and developmental benefits for children’s brains and offer ideas for putting a new spin on active learning. Source: Move Your Body, Grow Your Brain

Pick A Revolution Project

You are going to become an expert on an element of the French, British, or American Revolution. Your task is to research the three and decide which one interests you the most.  We are going to have an equal number of students in each Revolution…

In Class Essay Topic Questions

Question One: Using facts and referring to ALL THREE topics covered explain the danger drugs can pose to today’s youth. Question Two: Using facts and referring two ALL THREE topics covered explain the powerful role of stigma in various forms of drug abuse.

SS 9 Economic Inequality in Society

Define the following terms: Economic Inequality: Life Expectancy: Relative Income: Answer the following question in complete sentences: How can extremely wealthy countries have great economic inequality? What can be affected by great income inequality in a society? What are the two ways that a society can…