Test Study Sheet

Perspectives:  People think differently and have valid but differing views on the same event.

  • American Revolution: fought from the people’s perspective
  • Magna Carta: perspective from the people and Barons
  • Divine Right of Kings: perspective of the\monarchy.

Primary Source: From the time of he actual event.  Example:  Letters, artifacts

Secondary Source:  Not from the time of the event.  Example: Textbooks, blog.

National Identity:  how the nation’s identity reflects on and is represented by the people of the nation.

Economic Inequality:  The difference between the wealthy and the poor of a society.

Supporting your argument:  Using facts to support your opinion.

Bias: a twisted view that is difficult to support with facts.

Cause and Consequence:  learning how events are connected may assist in preventing them.

Compare and Contrast:  finding the difference and similarities between two topics.

Social Activism:  International action with the goal of bringing about social change.

Learning the negatives and positives repercussions of events.

Project Based Learning: learning method which student learns in self directed method and can present information in any format they wish.