Work Safe Video peer review and progress report

Peer Review

Choose one of the other videos being produced by the class and attempt to give thoughtful and helpful feedback.

Things to look for:

  1. Does the video adequately meet the intended theme of, “speaking up for safety.”  Why or why not?
  2. Does the video meet the Work Safe Format required?
  3. Is the video innovative and creative?  Explain.
  4. What is the main safety message in the video?
  5. How is the film to be technically executed?  What programs and devices will be used?


Progress Report

Everyone must INDIVIDUALLY complete a report detailing their contribution to the project so far and post it to their blog.

Things you may wish to include in your report:

  • Summary of task completed
  • Difficulties or struggles experienced thus far in the project.
  • Highlight learning that you have found interesting.
  • Indicate what you are going to do going forward.
  • What are your goals for the project?  What are you trying to achieve?

******Both the Peer Review and the Progress report are to be

completed by the end of class on Friday********