Should Countries Apologize for past Atrosities?

Listen to this BBC summation of the Amistar Massacre as called by the British or Jallianwala Bagh massacre as it was called in India. Read the two following articles:–monstrous-massacre-Amritsar-SAVED-thousands-lives-says-Britains-historians.html   After we finish reading the two articles try to answer the question…

Bulls and Bears Write a paragraph explaining the difference between Bear and Bull markets. In your own words describe how understanding this concept could change your investing strategy.

War time stock affect

Yesterday the United States bombed a Syrian Air base in response to the Syrian Government seemingly using chemical weapons on their own people. This had a noticeable affect on the stock market. Research how war has historically impacted the stock market. Post your findings in…


Big Idea: Disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between societies.

The Making of Canada

“If some countries have too much history, Canada has too much geography”. Prime Minister Mackenzie King–the-story-of-us/season-1/episode-2/38e815a-00c042d36bc In a paragraph answer the following question after watching the documentary: How did Canada’s geography (land, mountains, resources) shape the Canadian identity?