Falcon Races!!!!

Our PE 11 class finished off the year in style at Fast Track Go Carting Congrats to Harvir Wheels Sahota for winning both races and Jasmin for setting the track record for crashes.

Gandhi Questions

Exercise C: Amritsar Massacre After the massacre, Gandhi and the Indian Congress are even more determined to win independence through non-violence. Do you think nonviolence can work if the British respond with brutality and murder? How would you feel if you were part of the…

Planning Solution proof of concept

Search the internet for proof that the solution you have decided upon has a high probability of success. The more compelling and substantiated the proof the better.

SS 9 Make Up Assignments

Large Assignment Make – Up Create a multimedia Prezi that outlines the controversial Aryan Invasion Theory. What evidence is used to prove and discredit this theory? How does facts in this case change who Punjabis are thought to be descendant from? Here are some sites…

Peer Groups Project Assignment

Exam your groups progress report and identify an issue that you would like the group to examine. Create an assignment that you think will make the group fully answer your question.

Nationalism, America First, and leaving the Paris Climate Agreement

1. How is Trump’s America First policy a clear sign of Nationalism? 2. What is the Paris Climate Agreement? What problem is it trying to combat? 3. How does President Trump believe leaving the Paris Climate Agreement will benefit Americans? In a comprehensive paragraph try…