Research Essay: Canada’s role in WWI

Research Canada’s role in WWI.  Create a research topic that covers a specific element of Canada’s role in WWI.  Remember that you need at least THREE sources from CREDIBLE sites.  

Canadian Identity Begins

Answer the following Questions from Counterpoints Chapter 2: What did the War measures Act have on the legal rights of Canadians? How did Canada’s contribution on the battlefield affect Canadian Identity? What effect did the war have on the role of women? What impact did…

Canadian Identity Today

Write a paragraph that summarizes what you think encapsulates what it means to be Canadian. Find a video clip that supports you paragraph and post it on your site.

Comparison Cultures In Class Essay Exam

          Define the following terms: Islamophobia: Apostasy: Moderate: Radical: Jihadists: Islamists: Sharia: Liberalism:   Prospective #1: Terrorist groups pervert Islamic faith to promote their violent political goals and should not be considered as “true believers”. Islam is a religion like any…

20th Century History Exam 1 Review Questions

Essay Question Option #2 What conditions led to the rise of totalitarianism in pre WWII Russia, Italy, and Germany? Find present day parallels. There is one example on the video on the post below. You should be able to find others. Return of Extreme Politics……

Social Studies 10 Debate Prep

Research to try to figure out what arguments other groups will be making and how you will rebut them. Your group must post five arguements that could be made against your group and your rebuttals to these arguments.

Rise of Totalitarianism

Use the Prezi and the video at the end of the Prezi to complete work sheet posted below

Arts and Culture

In pairs select three of the video clips from the following site and write a paragraph explaining the cultural significance of the art presented in each. You may need to do additional research on the topic. presented.

American Gun Debate

Research Guide on Debate: