Learning about the stories of WWII

Find an anecdote from WWII.  It can range from an individual persons story that ties into larger themes from the war to a major military action such as Operation Valkyrie or D-day.  You may review a movie documentary, novel on non fiction book.  You could also simply use online resources.

This is a major assignment larger than a paragraph.  You may submit your assignment any way you wish.




You will be graded on your understanding of the event/story along with its’ connection to WWII.  Within your assignment or grouped at the end you need to include 5 questions that connect your story to larger themes from the war.



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Ideas for Topics

20th Century History

Examine a story related to a major battle/offensive

Stories from the Holocaust

Stories related to Hilter’s Master Race

Kamikaze Pilots

Story of a prominent and influential person form the war.  Such as Alan Touring, Robert Oppenheimer, Joseph Goebbels, Charles de Gaulle, Winston Churchill……

Story of the regular people and the impact that it had on their lives


Comparative Cultures

The Jesse Owens Story

Treatment of Alan Turing

Tuskegee Airmen

Art of WWII

Music of WWII

Specific stories about how cultures changed due to the war