Roaring 20s

Assignment: In partners or individually (no trios) choose two primary articles posted above and post a paragraph that explains the significance of the article. Then complete the following assignment: Create your own articles that strives to be a present day version of the two articles…

10-1 Politics Individual Assignments

Aramandeep: Using factual support explain why American politics is followed so closely by many Americans. Balkar: Using factual support explain why you think that young people in Canada are not engaged in politics. Ekamdeep: Find out who the local politicians are in Abbotsford and how…

10-1 Environment and Economy Individual Assignments

Komal: Identify and explain in detail three current environmental campaigns in Canada that are currently underway. Jaskirat: Research what changes can be made around the house to improve the impact on the environment. Rajveer: find and summarize a piece of literature (article/interview/essay/video/Ted Talk) created by…

In class Essay Exam

Compare and Contrast the historical environment during the period between WWI and WWII and the Present. You should narrow your focus to examine specific historical events both then and now. Your essay should aspire to do two things: Highlight comparisons and contrasts of your events…

Globalization vs Natioanlism

Define the following terms: Globalization: Nationalism: Tribalism: America First In class Essay cheat sheet

Debate: Ethos, Pathos, Logos

By the end of class today complete a post that demonstrates your how you intend to persuade using all three techniques described above.

Current Events Assignment #1: O Canada

Flux of Women’s Movements Women’s March Me Too Movement