Current Events Assignment: TRUMP

  Explain how the following terms are connected to President Donald J. Trump: pandering: freedom of press: fake news: ____________________________________________________________________________ conspiracy theory: state media: authoritarianism: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Judge Curiel: Independent Judiciary: Muslim Ban: ___________________________________________________________________________________ propaganda Public trust in government / media / business / Judiciary Impeachment…

Navajo Code Talkers

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ President Andrew Jackson: Trail of Tears: <iframe src=’′ height=’500′ width=’635′ scrolling=’no’ border=’no’ ></iframe>  

WWII Stories Questions

Comparative Cultures Pearl Harbor  How would the events of WWII be different if Japan did not attack Pearl Harbor?  Use specific events and factual support to back up your argument. Desmond Doss Desmond Doss believed that killing was wrong but he saved people so they…

Learning about the stories of WWII

Find an anecdote from WWII.  It can range from an individual persons story that ties into larger themes from the war to a major military action such as Operation Valkyrie or D-day.  You may review a movie documentary, novel on non fiction book.  You could…

Some tips on making your presentations interesting… This Ted Talk explains how to encompass story into your presentations:

Comparison Cultures In Class Essay Exam

          Define the following terms: Islamophobia: Apostasy: Moderate: Radical: Jihadists: Islamists: Sharia: Liberalism:   Prospective #1: Terrorist groups pervert Islamic faith to promote their violent political goals and should not be considered as “true believers”. Islam is a religion like any…

Arts and Culture

In pairs select three of the video clips from the following site and write a paragraph explaining the cultural significance of the art presented in each. You may need to do additional research on the topic. presented.

American Gun Debate

Research Guide on Debate:  

Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Explain how the following things are associated with gun control in America: National Rifle Association: Gabby Giffords: The Second Amendment to America’s Constitution: The Assault Weapons ban: Lobbyists: ******5 pointer******* How does gerrymandering influence the gun debate and the American political system? Comparative Culture Investigate…