Planning Solution proof of concept

Search the internet for proof that the solution you have decided upon has a high probability of success. The more compelling and substantiated the proof the better.

Peer Groups Project Assignment

Exam your groups progress report and identify an issue that you would like the group to examine. Create an assignment that you think will make the group fully answer your question.

Project Assignment 3

Find a ted talk like video that is connects to your topic. Embed it on your blog. Write a paragraph that explains how the video connects and expands on your topic.

Body Image

    One of Meaghan Ramsey’s six core concepts for learning about healthy body image is, “respecting and looking after yourself”. Spend the hour trying to find three quotes that help you understand what respecting and looking after yourself means to you. For each quote…

Bulls and Bears Write a paragraph explaining the difference between Bear and Bull markets. In your own words describe how understanding this concept could change your investing strategy.