SS 10 & 11 Make up Assignments

Homework Checks Paragraph Question:  Examine the Ottawa attack that happened recently.  Research the reaction within Canada.  How do you think Canada should react to terrorist threats? Paragraph Question:  Examine the recent attack in Sydney, Australia.  Watch the video on the Extremist attacks Prezi and summarize…

Series of Extremist Attacks

Provincial Exams and Answer Keys

2007 SS 11 Provincial ExamAnswer Key 2007 SS 11 Provincial Exam 2008-2009 SS 11 Provincial Exam Answer Key 2008-2009 SS 11 Provincial Exam 2011-2012 SS 11 Provincial Exam Answer Key 2011-2012 SS 11 Provincial Exam

SS 11 Provincial Exam Study sites and Information

33100376-BC-Socials-11-Provincial-Study-Guide 33303014-Social-Studies-11-Provincial-Essay-Preparation-History These notes, quizzes and games should be helpful when studying for the exam.

SS 11 Provincial Exam After School Study Sessions

I will be having final exam reviews for any students that wish it on: Thursday, Jan 8th Friday, Jan 9th Thursday, Jan 15th Friday, Jan 16th I will be going over some broad topics and specific questions that may be on your Provincial Exam.  Feel…

SS 11 – Major Assignment Make Up Essays

Complete an essay on one of the following topics: Explain how Canada’s identity has been shaped as a result of its involvement in international affairs from 1914 to 2000.   Describe the negative impact of population growth on standards of living in the developing world….

SS 11 – Homework Check Make Up Assignments

1. Look over images on page 163-165 on Applying Your Skills. Identify what each source is about, what the message is, and how it is evidence for one of the course themes. Before you begin define: bias: reliability: Keep definitions in mind as you examine…

Chapter 8 & 9 Exam

Study Sheets Chapter 8 & 9 Study Guide influencing government study sheets How to Change Public Policy Debate A Guide to Government Chapter 8 Study Questions Prezi’s