The Making of Canada

“If some countries have too much history, Canada has too much geography”. Prime Minister Mackenzie King–the-story-of-us/season-1/episode-2/38e815a-00c042d36bc In a paragraph answer the following question after watching the documentary: How did Canada’s geography (land, mountains, resources) shape the Canadian identity?

Immigration Canada vs America

Define the following terms in relation to immigration: Melting pot: Salad Bowl: Nationalism: Isolationism:   Research President Donald Trump’s views on immigration. What are the details of his travel ban? Using the the four terms that you defined at the top of the assignment…

In Class Quote Sandwich Assignment

One of the following questions and complete a quote sandwich paragraph.  Make sure to site your and choose your sources wisely. 1. Was Louis Riel a ‘hero’ or a ‘vilain’? Support your argument with historical facts and events from both the Red River and Northwest…

Confederation Debate

Define the following terms Canadian Confederation: Annexationists: Confederationists: Anti Confedertionists:    

Concept Essay Assignment

This INDIVIDUAL assignment will test your ability to make an argument on a topic of your choice using a concept that we have studied to this point.  Below is the list of concepts that we compiled as a class: Test Study Sheet Once your topic…

Test Study Sheet

Perspectives:  People think differently and have valid but differing views on the same event. American Revolution: fought from the people’s perspective Magna Carta: perspective from the people and Barons Divine Right of Kings: perspective of the\monarchy. Primary Source: From the time of he actual event….

First Big Test!!!!!

Primary Source:  something is recorded or happens during the historical event. Secondary Source:  Analysis of event after. Perspectives:  the same historical event can be felt and/or described differently depending on ones perspective. Income Inequality:  The gap between the richest and poorest people in society. Social…

SS 9: Exam Review: Major Concepts

Look back through your blog and pick out the key concepts that we have covered this year.  These concepts will be the basis of the first exam of the year. Make sure to post on your blog by 9:50 AM to receive completion marks!!